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Divorce Realtor Nashville specializes in division of property, divorce properties & dividing property as steps in the divorce process.



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I divorced in 1995; it was only later in my life that I realized the mistakes that I had made by resignedly handing over real estate to my ex-husband. Divorce is a monumental process that involves the division of wealth, responsibilities, and trust.  Over the past twenty years, I have represented couples in divorce as their Divorce Realtor.  My transactions went smoothly and did not affect the divorce itself. 

Hiring the right Divorce Realtor in the confidential division of property is tantamount to the success of a civil divorce. My responsibility as your Divorce Realtor is to be the part of the divorce process that is under control and designed to keep both parties apprised of the steps of the sale of divorce properties without causing stress to the parties involved. 

My role as property mediation specialist allows the divorcing couple the knowledge that I represent the transaction and not one party over the other. My job is to make the sale of the home one of the steps in the divorce process, not a stressor itself. My job is to make dividing property as emotionless as possible.